im10en.thumbnailIn celebration of the International Day of Forests, 21 March, here is the newest edition of the International Model Forest Network’s bulletin, Landscapes in Action.

It is the 10th edition, and the first for 2017, the year marking the IMFN’s 25th year.

We highlight 4 impactful stories, from Cuba, Cameroon, Sweden and Canada. This year’s International Day of Forests theme being Forest & Energy, pay special attention to the stories from Cuba and Cameroon!

You will notice some changes to the layout, departing from the look of previous editions. The IMFN also invites you to share this bulletin, in celebration of 25 years growing the Network, using the hashtag #iamModelForest.

Read previous editions of the Impact Notes series following this link:

Click here or on the image to download Landscapes in Action: Impact Notes 10 (PDF 655KB)