santaremISS.thumbnail29 June 2017 - The IMFN map changes again this month! As of June 2017, and as the Network celebrates its 25th anniversary, three new candidates join the list of Model Forests members. The latest additions are located in South America and Europe.

Pictured: Floresta Modelo Amazonas-Tapajós, at the confluence of the Amazonas and Tapajós rivers (Picture NASA/ISS)

Floresta Modelo Amazonas-Tapajós, in Brazil’s northeastern Pará State, is named after the confluence of two great rivers: the Amazon and the Tapajós. With a territory of 3,886,857 ha, this Model Forest includes four Sustainable Use Conservation Units, such as the Tapajós National Forest, various protected or mixed-use zones, and municipalities such as Santarém, Aveiro and Belterra.

These municipalities cooperated with government agencies, such as the federal Serviço Florestal Brasileiro (SFB), NGOs and community-based organisations in establishing the fourth Model Forest from Brazil. The official proposal document presented to the Ibero-American Model Forest Network (IAMFN/RIABM) generously underlines the work of Kolbe Soares, a Master’s student at Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza (CATIE) who laid the basis for establishing a Model Forest in the Amazon region. Brazil’s SFB picked up Soares’ efforts upon publications of his thesis in 2013.

CAMF2 0.thumbnailThis last 11 May, The Chocó-Andino Model Forest, as part of the Commonwealth of Rural Parishes of the Chocó-Andino Bioregion, won Ecuador’s top Green Prize for Sustainability, for local administrations of more than 100000 inhabitants.

This underlines the group’s work in making the territory “the most sustainable and conservation-oriented in the country”. The prize was accompanied by a 375,000$USD cheque from the Ecuador Development Bank.

Covering 124,296 hectares and located in the Pichincha province, north-west of the capital city of Quito, Chocó-Andino’s territory is home to about 18,000 people. It became a member of the International Model Forest Network in March of 2016.

“This recognizes the communities’ conservation work and the value of the ecosystem which supports the many unique species. Collectively, species such as the Black-breasted puffleg, or the 60 spectacled bears living in the region, require intact old-growth forest and clean water.  The Green Prize will help the conservation efforts of our world-renowned biodiversity hotspot” ”, said Inty Arcos, Commonwealth of Chocó-Andino’s coordinator.

PAMF RCEAWARD 042017On 3 May, 2017, the efforts of Prince Albert Model Forest in bringing together youth and elders to better understand landscape changes, to prepare youth for future careers, and to improve food security, were recognised.

They are the recipient of an award, received at the Sustainability Awards Ceremony of the Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) for Education in Sustainable Development, held this year in Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve, recognizing excellence in efforts to promote education for sustainable development (ESD).

mfwopening 0.thumbnail24 April, 2017 - Participants at Mediterranean Forest Week (March 2017), including participants from the Mediterranean Model Forest Network & the International Model Forest Network, added their names to the Agadir Commitment to Improve Forest and Landscape Restoration (FLR), Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) and biodiversity conservation efforts in the Mediterranean region.

eomf6 April, 2017 - The Eastern Ontario Model Forest (EOMF, Canada) has been selected by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as one of seven sites around the world to take part in a leading-edge ecosystem services pilot project. 

CMFN30 March, 2017 - The International Model Forest Network (IMFN) was notified last week of the impending dissolution of the Canadian Model Forest Network (CMFN). 

The CMFN began in 1991, with the launch of Canada’s Model Forest Program. Upon conclusion of the Model Forest Program in 2007, members formed the CMFN as an independent not-for-profit national organisation.

The announced dissolution of the national organisation certainly represents sad news, but Dr. Brian G. Kotak, General Manager of the CMFN, stresses the continued commitment to the Model Forest approach in Canada.

BosqueModeloPalenciaPalencia Model Forest was formally inducted into the International Model Forest Network, as a candidate-member during the Mediterranean Model Forest Network annual regional meeting, this last 21 March, in Agadir, Morocco.

ChimereDiawCreditGemechuBekeleRepresentatives of the African Model Forests Network (AMFN), including Chimère Diaw, Executive Director, Joachim Nguiebouri from Cameroon and Annet Akeza Muhoozi, from Rwanda, participated in the African Landscapes Dialogue conference (ALD), March 6 to 10 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Pictured: Dr. Chimere Diaw. Photo: Gemechu Bekele.

im10en.thumbnailIn celebration of the International Day of Forests, 21 March, here is the newest edition of the International Model Forest Network’s bulletin, Landscapes in Action.

It is the 10th edition, and the first for 2017, the year marking the IMFN’s 25th year.

We highlight 4 impactful stories, from Cuba, Cameroon, Sweden and Canada. This year’s International Day of Forests theme being Forest & Energy, pay special attention to the stories from Cuba and Cameroon!

You will notice some changes to the layout, departing from the look of previous editions. The IMFN also invites you to share this bulletin, in celebration of 25 years growing the Network, using the hashtag #iamModelForest.

Read previous editions of the Impact Notes series following this link:

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