The International Model Forest Network Secretariat (IMFNS) was established in 1995.

The IMFN Secretariat provides the central day‐to‐day coordination of support and development services to the IMFN. It develops and strengthens the IMFN and its profile internationally. It is responsible for, inter alia, the preparation, coordination and arrangement of the IMFN Global Forum and Committee meetings, and any other relevant IMFN‐related meetings. Resources permitting, the Secretariat supports Regional Networks and member Model Forests in the following areas:

  1. International advocacy and representation;

  2. Resource mobilization;

  3. Technical and logistical issues in establishing and operating Model Forests;

  4. International communications, networking and knowledge management/sharing;

  5. International‐level strategic initiatives;

  6. Targeted program support (as available);

  7. Partnership development and capacity‐building;

  8. Impact monitoring and evaluation.

The Secretariat is the focal point for all official IMFN communications including the administration of a website. All official communications on behalf of the IMFN are the exclusive responsibility of the Secretariat.

The three working languages of the IMFN are English, French and Spanish.

One representative from the Secretariat will be invited to serve as a non‐voting participant at meetings of the Regional Networks’ Boards or Steering Committees.

The Secretariat will publish an IMFN annual report on activities and other information it deems appropriate based principally upon documentation, including regional reports, submitted by regions, as well as additional documentation and information collected over the preceding reporting period.

The Government of Canada, through Natural Resources Canada—Canadian Forest Service, shall perform Secretariat duties until otherwise decided.