Global Forum

The IMFN Assembly is comprised of all member Model Forests.

Representatives of the IMFN Assembly, IMFN Secretariat, Regional Network secretariats, and IMFN Committees meet at the IMFN Global Forum (hereinafter referred to as “Global Forum”) every three (3) years, resources permitting. The Global Forum is open to observers, in consultation with the IMFN Secretariat.

The Global Forum is a business, technical, and networking meeting in which members share knowledge, review their accomplishments, address challenges, and agree on Network‐wide and other strategic plans and initiatives for the three‐year period following the Global Forum. Functions of the Global Forum are three‐fold:

  1. For the IMFN Assembly to take decisions on specific matters;

  2. To strengthen collaboration and synergies among members;

  3. To strengthen collaboration and visibility for the IMFN among other relevant initiatives and programmes, including international forest policy priorities, in support of IMFN and member goals and objectives.

The Global Forum is convened and organized by the IMFN Secretariat in coordination with the appropriate Regional Network Secretariat (where applicable) and host Model Forest.

During the Global Forum, the IMFN Assembly will receive reports of the IMFN and Regional Network secretariats and standing committees, and take decisions if sought and deemed necessary by those secretariats and committees.

Policies and operational matters with regard to strategic directions of the IMFN will be decided by the IMFN Assembly.

Decisions reached by the IMFN Assembly will be based on consensus.

The quorum for the IMFN Assembly is set at 50% of all member Model Forests with representation of at least two Model Forests from each region. 


The Secretariat is supported by two standing committees: the International Advisory Council and the IMFN Networking Committee.

The International Advisory Council (hereinafter referred to as “IAC”) is comprised of experts on themes related to forest landscape management who agree to work in a voluntary capacity advising the IMFN Secretariat on high‐level strategic matters concerning the IMFN’s development. The IAC meets at the discretion of the Chair.

  1. The IAC is chaired by the Head of the Canadian Forest Service or his/her designated alternate. The IMFN Secretariat serves as secretary for meetings of the IAC.

  2. The IMFN Secretariat will consult Regional Networks and INC members as part of the process for selecting IAC members .

The IMFN Networking Committee (hereinafter referred to as “INC”) acts as a strategic group for the IMFN and the Secretariat as a body that identifies trends, issues, and opportunities of global or regional importance in support of inter‐regional networking. The INC acts as the central facilitator for information, expertise and experience flow between regions of the IMFN (see Article 8). The INC meets once per year face‐to‐face, resources permitting, and holds online meetings on an as‐needed basis.

  1. The INC provides a critical two‐way link between the Secretariat and the IMFN members, aiming to ensure that members have an effective voice in the evolution of the IMFN and for new ideas to be brought forward and realized.

  2. The INC is composed of one elected representative from each region of the IMFN. The INC may draw upon additional experts as needed and at its discretion.

  3. INC representatives are expected to bring their region’s perspectives to meetings, after consultation with their members, and to share back relevant information to their respective regional members.

  4. The IMFN Secretariat convenes and co‐chairs meetings of the INC in consultation with regional committee members.